- News http://www.chio.nl News - Capica.nl RSS Generator <![CDATA[Team USA wins FEI Nations Cup Dressage, bad luck forces Dutch team out of the competition]]> http://www.chio.nl/en/news/team-usa-wins-fei-nations-cup-dressage,-bad-luck-forces-dutch-team-out-of-the-competition?news_id=3325 2017-06-24 The team of the United States are the winners of the FEI Nations Cup Dressage. Laura Graves won the individual InterChem Grand Prix Freestyle. Edward Gal and Glock's Voice took first place in the Grand Prix Special. Due to bad luck, the Dutch team was eliminated from the competition in the Nations Cup. Madeleine Witte-Vrees's horse Cennin lost a shoe only minutes before their test and could not compete. Under the current regulations, the entire Dutch team was  eliminated as a result. 

The FEI Nations Cup began on Thursday with the Grand Prix, in which all team riders participated and the best three results counted towards the total team score. After the Grand Prix, the Americans took the lead despite seeing their first riding get disqualified. Dutch coach Rien van der Schaft's team followed in second place.    

The final act of the Nations Cup took place tonight at CHIO Rotterdam. Two riders were going to compete in the Grand Prix Special, and both their results counted towards the team result. Madeleine Witte-Vrees, who was the best Dutch rider on Thursday in the Grand Prix, was one of the riders who was supposed to appear in the Grand Prix Special. The other two Dutch team members (Hans Peter Minderhoud and Diederik van Silfhout) competed in the Freestyle, but of their scores, only the highest counted towards the team result. With only Edward Gal's result in the Grand Prix Special to add to that, the Dutch team were eliminated from the competition.  

There was, however, individual succes for the Dutch. Edward Gal rode Glock´s Voice to victory in the Grand Prix Special and Hans Peter Minderhoud and Glock´s Johnson TN N.O.P. placed second in the Freestyle. Diederik van Silfhout made his team debut with Four Seasons and achieved 6th place.

Robert Dover, coach for the American team, was very happy with his riders' performances. ''They do whatever it takes. Last year, we finished just behind the Dutch. This year, each combination has improved even further and look at the beautiful scores that results in. It was a shame the Dutch were eliminated. I would have liked the opportunity to take them on.''

Dutch coach Rien van der Schaft was pleased with what he saw. ''Hans Peter and Edward were very good. They did what was expected of them, but there are no guarantuees they will deliver at that level every time. It's very hard, so they did a really good job. And Diederik went for it as well. He made two little mistakes, but he always manages to compensate for those with one last amazing line. This shows he's not only a great rider in the physical aspect, but is also mentally very strong. My congratulations to him for his achievements here. Emmelie Scholtens, too, has also performed very well here. She wasn't in the Dutch team, but has scored incredibly here. The fact that we were eliminated from the competition is disappointing, but that's life. Once again, I've enjoyed doing my job. It doesn't get any easier, but it does get more fun every time.''  


Results CHIO Rotterdam FEI Nations Cup Dressage

1. USA, 446.442

2. Sweden, 427.035

3. Duitsland, 414.031

Grand Prix Special

1. Edward Gal (NED) – Glock´s Voice, 75.078%

2. Kase Perry-Glass (USA) – Goerklintgaards Dublet, 71.784%

3. Therese Nilshagen (Zwe) – Dante Weltino OLD, 71.784%

Grand Prix Freestyle

1.Laura Graves (USA) – Verdades, 80.980%

2. Hans Peter Minderhoud (NED) – Glock´s Johnson TN N.O.P., 78.890%

3. Jorinde Verwimp (BEL) – Tiamo, 77.560%

6. Diederik van Silfhout (NED) – Four Seasons, 72.170%

1. Edward Gal (NED) – Glock´s Voice, 75.078%

2. Kase Perry-Glass (USA) – Goerklintgaards Dublet, 71.784%

2. Therese Nilshagen (SWE) – Dante Weltino OLD, 71.784%

Edward Gal (NED) – Glock´s Voice, 75.078%

2. Kase Perry-Glass (USA) – Goerklintgaards Dublet, 71.784%

2. Therese Nilshagen (SWE) – Dante Weltino OLD, 71.784%

<![CDATA[Super Swedes win Division 1 cliffhanger in Rotterdam]]> http://www.chio.nl/en/news/super-swedes-win-division-1-cliffhanger-in-rotterdam?news_id=3314 2017-06-23 In a competition that was most definitely a game of two halves, Team Sweden stood strong to win the fifth leg of the FEI Nations Cup™ Jumping 2017 Europe Division 1 series in Rotterdam today. With four teams sharing a zero score at the end of the first round, and the remaining four only a single fence behind, it seemed the course designed by Dutchman Louis Konickx was a bit of a breeze.

But when the poles were raised and the fences widened in round two it was a very different story, and it came down to a duel between the winners and the Swiss who eventually had to settle for runner-up spot. The withdrawal of Rolf-Goran Bengtsson and Clarimo Ask piled the pressure on Sweden in the closing stages, but despite not jumping in round one it was anchorman Peder Fredricson and the gelding H&M All In who clinched it.

With 16 faults each to add, the German and Irish teams lost their grip on the lead and it was the first-round four-faulters from Italy and Spain who, posting eight more second time out, jointly moved into third spot at the end of the day.

Brilliant double-clears from Sweden’s Henrik von Eckermann (Cantinero) and Switzerland’s Steve Guerdat (Bianca) kept these two sides neck-and-neck as round two got underway, and with Bengtsson out of commission the four faults posted by 26-year-old Douglas Lindelow (Zacramento) left them still on level pegging when Switzerland’s Werner Muff (Daimler) also lowered the widened middle element of the triple combination four fences from home after Romain Duguet (Twentytwo Des Biches) put eight on the board.

When Fredricson went clear it was left to Switzerland’s Martin Fuchs to discard Duguet’s score and force a jump-off by doing likewise, but his feisty gelding Clooney clipped the first element of the triple combination to leave his team on a final tally of eight, while the Swedes reigned supreme with just four. The result moves Sweden up to second spot, five points ahead of the French, on the Europe Division 1 league table which continues to be dominated by Italy going into the sixth leg at Falsterbo (SWE) in three weeks’ time.

Team Result - Rotterdam:
1. Sweden - 4 faults
2. Switzerland - 8 faults
3. Italy and Spain - 12 faults

FEI Nations Cup™ Jumping - Division 1 standings:
1 Italy 345
2 Sweden 307.5
3 France 302.5
4 Germany 285
5 Switzerland 250
6 Spain 250
7 Ireland 210
8 Netherlands 190

<![CDATA[Germany kicks off FEI Nations Cup presented by Longines]]> http://www.chio.nl/en/news/germany-kicks-off-fei-nations-cup-presented-by-longines?news_id=3298 2017-06-22 The Netherlands is the fifth team to start during the FEI Nations Cup Jumping Presented by Longines. The German team, lead by Chef d'Equipe Otto Becker, will be first to compete.

Tomorrow’s starting line-up:

1. Germany

2. Sweden

3. Ireland

4. Belgium

5. The Netherlands

6. Italy

7. Spain

8. Switzerland

For The Netherlands, the following riders will compete: Marc Houtzager with Sterrehof´s Calimero, Gerco Schröder with Glock´s Cognac Champblanc N.O.P., Harrie Smolders with Don VHP Z or Emerald N.O.P. and Jur Vrieling with VDL Glasgow van het Merelsnest. Maikel van der Vleuten  and VDL Groep Arera C are the alternate combination.

Last year, Dutch coach Rob Ehrens and his team managed to win the FEI Nations Cup, leading to big home expectations. Ehrens: “This year, as ever, we’ll of course be aiming for another victory. At this year’s first Nations Cup in La Baule, we did not perform our best yet, followed by a second place in Rome. A line of improvement I hope to maintain going into this event. But, as has often been said before: in our sport, just one mistake can make all the difference. The competition is always growing stronger, but we will give it our all.”

As usual, the FEI Nations Cup will be held over the course of two rounds. Per round, the three best results count towards the team result. Should there be a tie between countries, a jump-off will decide the end result.

<![CDATA[Victory for Laura Graves, The Netherlands in second place after CDI 5* Grand Prix]]> http://www.chio.nl/en/news/victory-for-laura-graves,-the-netherlands-in-second-place-after-cdi-5*-grand-prix?news_id=3297 2017-06-22 Laura Graves (USA) has won the CDIO 5* Dressage Grand Prix with a striking score of 79.46%. Her result and a third place by team mate Olivia Lagoy Weltz (74.580%) place the United States in first place for the FEI Nations Cup with a total score of 225.6 points. The Dutch dressage team is ranked second with 222 points, with Dutch rider Madeleine Witte-Vrees and KWPN-stallion Cennin providing their best score in the first part of the competition (75.66%). Witte-Vrees puts her at an individual second place.

Hans Peter Minderhoud (NED) rode Glock's Johnson TN N.O.P. to a score of 73.40%, just edging partner Edward Gal (NED) with Glock’s Voice (73.02%). Dutch rider Diederik van Silfhout made his team debut with new hore Four Seasons. Hij was given a score of 72.32%.

On Saturday evening, action continues in the FEI Nations Cup Dressage with the CDIO 5* Grand Prix Special and the CDIO 5* Grand Prix Freestyle.

<![CDATA[USA pips Netherlands in jump-off thriller at Sopot]]> http://www.chio.nl/en/news/usa-pips-netherlands-in-jump-off-thriller-at-sopot?news_id=3277 2017-06-09

Laura Kraut clinched victory for Team USA at the fifth leg of the FEI Nations Cup™ Jumping Europe Division 2 series in Sopot, Poland today. But the 51-year-old double-Olympian had to ride for her life in the edge-of-the-seat third-round jump-off to beat Dutch teenager Sanne Thijssen (18) whose breathtaking performances with Con Quidam RB had the spectators riveted to their seats.


This was vintage Nations Cup competition, Olaf Petersen Jr’s testing track producing plenty of surprises including an unexpected early exit for experienced sides from Great Britain, Ireland, Norway and Russia along with the Polish hosts at the end of the first round. The Americans were well out in front with just a single time fault at the halfway stage, but the Dutch fought back from fifth place to chase them right down to the wire.

Kraut knew what she had to do when following Thijssen against the clock.

Just two faults separated Hungary, Portugal, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Belgium as round two began, and the addition of just two more to their 11-fault total would leave the Dutch on level pegging with the Americans in the closing stages when Aniek Poels (Athene) and Doron Kuipers (Charley) collected single time faults and Thijssen’s spring-heeled stallion jumped spectacularly clear.

Team USA added 12 second time out, Lauren Hough (40) and Waterford fell victim to the penultimate triple combination and Paris Sellon (25) also faulted there and at the water with Cassandra. But 20-year-old Chloe Reid’s rounds with her sensational 10-year-old stallion Codarco were another highlight of a day when young riders simply sparkled, and when this pair followed their first-round clear with just a single mistake then Kraut’s second clear halted the American decline and confirmed a showdown with the Dutch.

Thijssen’s little wonder-horse posted the jump-off target at four faults in 38.03 seconds - “he’s special, there are not many horses like him, he’s so careful he wants to jump the course himself and forgets that I’m sitting on him!”, she said. But Kraut cranked up the speed after hitting the second fence to post the winning time of 36.29.

Team Result - Sopot:
1. USA - 13 faults and 4 faults/36.29 secs in jump-off
2. Netherlands - 13 faults and 4 faults/38.03 secs in jump-off
3. Portugal - 18 faults

<![CDATA[Strong competitors and great innovations at 69th CHIO Rotterdam]]> http://www.chio.nl/en/news/strong-competitors-and-great-innovations-at-69th-chio-rotterdam?news_id=3276 2017-06-08  

Ahead of the 69th edition of CHIO Rotterdam, President Belle de Bruin and Managing Director Jan de Mooij have provided members of the press with a preview to the many innovations this year’s event has to offer. Goal is to make CHIO Rotterdam an even more attractive experience for riders, sponsors and spectators. Director Dressage Laurens van Lieren looked ahead to a very strong field of competitors in the dressage competition. Yves Houtackers, Director Showjumping, announced that the very top of the world rankings will compete in this year’s CHIO Rotterdam. 


This year, CHIO Rotterdam has invested greatly in the realisation of a new lay out of the show grounds and the renewal of all arena footings. The InterChem Dressage Stadium has switched places with the Dura Vermeer Warming Up Arena. This allows much more room for spectators to watch the CDI3* Grand Prix tests, the U25 competition for riders under 25 years of age and the finals of the Allianz Para-Dressage Trophy and CHIO South Holland Cup Dressage. The Dura Vermeer Arena is now a great deal bigger than before. CHIO Rotterdam has also renewed the all-weather footings in the main stage and the Dura Vermeer Arena. Additionally, the spectator walking route has been altered to feature a chic promenade and even more shops and vendors.

''CHIO Rotterdam strives to be among the best equestrian events in the world. This means we have to continue to grow and innovate’’, says Belle de Bruin, President of CHIO Rotterdam. ,,Additionally, we have been given the honour of hosting the 2019 FEI European Championships Showjumping, Dressage and Para-dressage. We want to be ready for that, and this gives us all the more reason to expand CHIO Rotterdam for this year and next year’s editions to prepare for those events.’'

‘'In just two weeks, we will kick off the 69th edition of the oldest international sports event in Rotterdam and the only 5* equestrian outdoor event in The Netherlands’’, says Jan de Mooij. ‘’There's a huge interest in the event. Tickets for the Dressage Freestyle test on Saturday night and the Longines Grand Prix Port of Rotterdam on Sunday are as good as sold out. Tickets for other days also sell well. Additionally, many businesses have again chosen the hospitality services our unique event has to offer.'' 

Dressage Director Laurens van Lieren is pleased with the extra capacity for the dressage side of the event. ,,Interest in dressage continues to grow. With Belgium, England, Germany, Sweden, the United States, France and the Dutch team all present for the Nations Cup, you can see the strongest dressage teams in the world compete right here in Rotterdam. We are very pleased to have so many strong Dutch riders in both the CDI5* and the CDI3* tests. The Americans, Swedes and Germans also have combinations that are at the top of their games at the moment. This includes Laura Graves (USA) with Verdades, who showed excellent form here last year and performed extremely well in Rio de Janeiro during last year’s Olympics. We have also invested heavily to increase the prize money for the FEI Nations Cup Dressage, of which the spectacular ending is always scheduled on a Saturday evening. For years now, there isn’t an empty seat left in the house. The people who perform to make this success happen should be rewarded accordingly.''

His colleague Yves Houtackers, Director Showjumping, also looks forward to a top-notch competition. ‘’With The Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy and Spain all competing, The FEI Nations Cup presented by Longines will feature an impressive seven countries from the Europe Division 1 who chose to come to our event. From Europe Division 2 we welcome our neighbours to the south, Belgium. Dutch coach Rob Ehrens has a very strong team for the FEI Nations Cup and of course we hope they can repeat last year’s result in Rotterdam. The Swedes have a very experienced team featuring, among others, Ralf-Göran Bengtsson and Malin Baryard-Johnsson. During the FEI Nations Cup events leading up to CHIO Rotterdam, the Italians have shown to be in excellent form. Individually, top riders like Markus Ehning and Steve Guerdat will compete alongside so many young combinations that are performing extremely well and which I have high hopes for. Lucia Diniz, the winner of last year’s Longines Grand Prix Port of Rotterdam, will also be back to defend her title.'' 

Maarten van der Heijden, KNHS Technical Director, announced the members of the dressage and showjumping teams competing on behalf of The Netherlands. 

Showjumping coach Rob Ehrens has selected the following riders: Jur Vrieling with Glasgow van ´t Merelsnest, Harrie Smolders with Don VHP Z of Emerald, Gerco Schröder with Glock´s Champblanc and Marc Houtzager with Sterrehof´s Calimero. Maikel van der Vleuten is the alternate rider.

Dressage coach Rien van der Schaft has selected the following riders: Diederik van Silfhout with Four Seasons, Madeleine Witte with Cennin, Hans Peter Minderhoud with Glock's Johnsonn N.O.P. and Edward Gal with Glock's Voice.

Additionally, CHIO Rotterdam is an important moment for coaches to gauge the form combinations are in ahead of the European Championship held in Gothenburg, Sweden later this year.  



<![CDATA[Incredible Italians win again at St Gallen]]> http://www.chio.nl/en/news/incredible-italians-win-again-at-st-gallen?news_id=3264 2017-06-02 The Italian showjumping renaissance continued today when Roberto Arioldi’s side followed up their historic home victory a week ago with another stunning performance to win the fourth leg of the FEI Nations Cup™ Jumping 2017 Europe Division 1 league at St Gallen, Switzerland. The result has promoted them to second place, behind France, on the series leaderboard ahead of the next leg in Rotterdam (NED) in three weeks’ time.

Not long ago Italy was struggling to put together a team capable of remaining competitive at the sharp end of the sport, but how that has changed. Last Friday they won their own Nations Cup for the first time in 32 years, and in another remarkable moment this afternoon they claimed the Swiss Nations Cup title for the first time since 1959, and with only one member of last week’s winning side.

At the end of round one it seemed France had it all sewn up with their zero scoreline giving them an eight-fault advantage over Switzerland in second place while Belgium and Italy were close behind in third with nine faults each. However the second round brought a sensational upheaval, the French plummeting to sixth when adding 25 faults despite a brilliant double-clear from anchorman Roger Yves Bost (Sangria du Coty).

Belgium added eight, but fault-free runs from Luca Marziani (Tokyo du Soleil) and Paolo Paini (Ottava Meraviglia) kept Italy in the game despite a single pole down for team-mate Emilio Bicocchi (Sassicaia Ares). And when Switzerland’s Martin Fuchs (Clooney) fell victim to the vertical after the open water, and Paul Estermann (Lord Pepsi) made two mistakes, then the result was hanging in the balance as Lorenzo de Luca set off. A third Italian clear would clinch it, and the rider who was the only one of last week’s winning side in action today did it in style.

Steve Guerdat confirmed runner-up spot for Switzerland with his second double-clear in a row with the fabulous mare Bianca, while Germany, lying seventh at the halfway stage, improved to third spot when finishing on their first-round total of 13.


Team Result - St Gallen:
1. Italy - 9 faults
2. Switzerland - 12 faults
3. Germany - 13 faults


FEI Nations Cup™ Jumping - Division 1 standings:
1 France 302.5
2 Italy 270
3 Sweden 257.5
4 Germany 230
5 Spain 175
6 Switzerland 160
7 Ireland 155
8 Netherlands 135

<![CDATA[Belgians forge an even stronger lead in Europe Division 2]]> http://www.chio.nl/en/news/belgians-forge-an-even-stronger-lead-in-europe-division-2?news_id=3258 2017-05-27 They had to settle for runner-up spot at the first two legs of the FEI Nations Cup™ Jumping Europe Division 2 series, but last night at the third round in Lisbon, Portugal, a hugely impressive Belgian side clinched victory by a significant margin.

Finishing with just four faults on the board, and without having to call up their last-line partnership Nicola Philippaerts (23) and Chilli Will for a second time, they had a 17-fault advantage over the runners-up from Spain while France finished third with 24 faults and Portugal and Ireland tied for fourth on 25 faults apiece. Belgium now heads the Division 2 leaderboard with a massive 280 points while Great Britain lies second with 195.

The combination of course designer Bernardo Costa Cabral’s clever track and the challenge of jumping under floodlights in the second round ensured it was an interesting evening at Lisbon’s elegant Jockey Club where the stadium was packed with enthusiastic spectators.



Clears from Philippaerts, Constant van Paesschen (23) with Carlow van de Helle, and Fabienne Daigneux Lange (53) with Venue d’Fees des Hazalles put the Belgians out in front on a zero score at the halfway stage, but the Spanish were close behind with just four on the board. A total of nine teams lined out in the first round, and when just eight returned in round two it was the Korean side that missed out after picking up 29 faults.

Spain added 17 faults second time out despite a lovely double-clear from pathfinders Diego Perez Bilbao and HH Best, and when Van Paesschen and Daigneux Lange were also foot-perfect in both rounds the Belgians were all but untouchable, and Verlooy’s second single error with Caracas was all they would count at the end of the day.

The Belgians intend to make great use of their time in Division 2 with a busy campaign over the seven-leg series which now moves on to a new venue at Uggerhalne in Denmark next Saturday.


Team Result - Lisbon:
1. Belgium - 4 faults
2. Spain - 21 faults
3. France - 24 faults


FEI Nations Cup™ Jumping - Division 2 standings:
1 Belgium - 280
2 Great Britain - 195
3 Poland - 95

<![CDATA[Historic victory and maximum points for Team Italy in Rome]]> http://www.chio.nl/en/news/historic-victory-and-maximum-points-for-team-italy-in-rome?news_id=3257 2017-05-26

They waited 32 years to win again on home ground, so the celebrations were wild today when Team Italy came out on top in the FEI Nations Cup™ at Piazza di Siena in the heart of their capital city. 

The hosts already held the record for most wins at their prestigious fixture which this year celebrates its 85th anniversary, but their last success was way back in 1985. Strong recent results however suggested that today may be the day when they could bridge that very long gap and put their country’s name on the roll of honour once again. 



In an edge-of-the-seat contest, they shared the lead with The Netherlands on a four-fault result at the halfway stage, and then held on for victory without having to rely on their anchor rider Bruno Chimirri (46). It was Lorenzo de Luca (30) who clinched it despite a foot in the water and a time fault with Ensor de Litrange second time out, because a second-round clear from pathfinders Piergiorgio Bucci (41) and Casallo Z, and a magnificent double-clear performance from the youngest team member, Alberto Zorzi (28) with Fair Light van T Heike, meant they couldn’t be beaten when the Dutch threat fizzled out. 
It was heartache for third-line Dutchman Jur Vrieling who looked set to sail home to a second fault-free round with the extravagant VDL Glasgow vh Merelsnest which would keep the pressure at boiling point, only to hit the very last on Uliano Vezzani’s 12-fence track. The retirement of Jeroen Dubbeldam and the off-form SFN Zenith had left them vulnerable as the second round got underway, as did a mistake from Gerco Schroder and Glock’s Cognac Champblanc, and they finished with a 13-fault total while the Italians registered just nine. Third spot was divided between Ireland and Spain who each collected 17 faults.

France finished equal-fifth with Sweden on 20 faults and the French maintain the lead in the Europe Division 1 rankings heading to the fourth round of the eight-leg series at St Gallen, Switzerland next Friday. But it was Team Italy who claimed the maximum 100 points today to move up to fourth place and with the FEI Nations Cup™ 2017 Final in Barcelona (ESP) in September clearly in their sights.

Team Result - Rome:
1. Italy - 9 faults
2. Netherlands - 13 faults
3. Ireland and Spain - 17 faults


FEI Nations Cup™ Jumping - Division 1 standings:
1 France 247.5
2 Sweden 197.5
3 Spain 175
4 Italy 170
5 Ireland 155
6 Germany 150
7 Netherlands 135
8 Switzerland 70

<![CDATA[Team France wins at La Baule - jump to top of Europe Division 1 standings]]> http://www.chio.nl/en/news/team-france-wins-at-la-baule-jump-to-top-of-europe-division-1-standings?news_id=3250 2017-05-12 A gritty performance saw Team France come out on top at the second leg of the FEI Nations Cup™ Jumping 2017 Europe Division 1 series on home turf at La Baule today.
With the same determination that saw them overcome several setbacks on the road to Olympic gold in Rio de Janeiro last summer, Philippe Guerdat’s side stood firm after team-member Roger Yves Bost was eliminated for a spectacular first-round fall, and when it came down to a third-round jump-off against the clock then Kevin Staut clinched it.

With seven of the eight competing nations all chasing qualifying points for the series Final in Barcelona, Spain in September it was always going to be a tough contest, and Sweden held sway after the first round with the only zero score, closely stalked by the Division 2 side from Belgium carrying just two faults. The French were next in line with four on the board, but closely followed by Switzerland on five and Ireland on six. 

The Swedes stayed strong with a second-round clear from pathfinders Peder Fredricson and H&M Christian K, but when Malin Baryard-Johnsson (H&M Cue Channa) and Angelie van Essen (Newton Abbot) both had a fence down and anchorman Henrik von Eckermann (Copperhild) left two on the floor, their tally rose to eight. And that left them on level pegging with the French who added just the four collected by Cedric Angot (Saxo de la Cour), when both Staut (Reveur de Hurtebise HDC) and Leprevost (Flora de Mariposa) were foot-perfect once again with their Olympic rides, while the Belgians dropped out of contention. 

Staut led the way in the jump-off, posting a clear in 35.74 seconds despite “a lucky touch at the last”. And when Sweden’s Fredricson, individual silver medallist in Rio, hit the last two fences the home crowd erupted with excitement. 

Team Result - La Baule:
1. France : clear in jump-off 35.74 seconds
2. Sweden: 8 faults in jump-off in 38.92 seconds
3. Ireland: 14 faults

FEI Nations Cup™ Jumping - Division 1 standings:
1 France    -    190
2 Germany    -    150
3 Sweden - 140
4 Spain        -    100
5 Ireland    -      80
6 Italy        -      70
7 Switzerland -      70
8 Netherlands -      45